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–Richard Anderson, N.D.

"Not only can a vegan diet add years to your life, but eating clean and green as Toni describes in the EcoDiet, can revolutionize your palate and the planet. Toni shows reader countless ways to eat better and with her fresh and delicious vegan recipes, you will soon make the EcoDiet a permanent fixture in your kitchen."

–Neal Barnard, M.D. President Physicians
Committee for Responsible Medicine

"After contemplating Toni Toney's internal acid rain theory, I performed a number of spinal taps on Alzheimer's, Parkinson's and multiple scleroses patients, as the cerebral spinal fluid is, in effect, the brain's water supply and should have a pH value of approximately 7.4. When I tested the cerebrospinal fluid's pH, to my amazement, she was right: it was approximately 5.5—the pH of environmental acid rain. Further dietary research is justified to see if shifting the pH of the brain terrain will provide clues in turning these devastating diseases around. From the evidence I now see I am optimistic."

–Lorne Label, M.D. Doctor of Neurology

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About the Book

Toni Toney's book provides readers an informative explanation of the human body as a living ecosystem. Toni's unique vision connects the ecology of the healthy body with the environmental health of the planet. Her EcoDiet is intended to be a daily fare, not a faddist regimen dieters go on one day – and off another.

The EcoDiet offers a very unique and timely solution to individuals looking to address our planet's environmental crisis. Based on the notion that our world is an extension of our bodies, Toni's book offers a unique perspective on one of today's most widely discussed controversial issues. And, it provides new and unique information and programs for those who are health conscious and looking for solutions to regain their vigor or even lose those extra, unwanted pounds all by getting clean and going green.

It is a sad fact that America has become one of the sickest and most obese nations in the world, and it has been proven scientifically that obesity is a precursor to cancer, diabetes and heart disease, as well as many other diseases. Just like our reckless disregard for the basic principles of nature have impacted our planet and created climate change, our inattention to the basic substances we eat, drink and breathe is impacting our bodies and creating what Toni calls ecological breakdowns and what others call disease. The statistics are staggering and yet the solutions are very basic and right at our fingertips.

Toni Toney's EcoDiet is great news for those who say YES to a life of health and well being and NO to a life of disease and suffering. The answer comes by understanding the body as a living ecosystem; that health is a byproduct of balance and disease a byproduct of imbalance. The common sense solution to this very misunderstood subject we call disease is to shift our beliefs about what causes it and Be The Change We Want To See In The World!


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The Author

Toni Toney has been an environmental activist, researcher and organic whole food advocate for over 20 years, teaching and speaking to audiences from coast-to-coast. She describes herself as a body ecologist - an apt description that speaks to her years of experience.

Toni started a non-profit foundation called Organic Food For Life with the goal of educating small, family farmers about the importance of organic growing versus commercial growing.  She later created a catering company called Ms. Sprouts which specialized in delivering organic whole food lunches laced with different types of delicious sprouts to local businesses as well as dinners to businesses and families.

Ms. Sprouts grew so fast Toni started an organic fast-food restaurant called VegiTable. It became a giant hit. She was featured in Vegetarian Times Magazine on several occasions.

From 1994-1999, Toni taught hundreds of organic whole food classes that evolved into a Natural Food Cooking School in Los Angeles, California which later evolved into The School of Body Ecology where she taught others how to become a Body Ecologist. Toni studied the power of culinary herbs to heal both the mind and body and became a certified Herbalist. She also holds a certification as a nutritional assessment consultant by Optimal Health Systems in Pima, Arizona.


Early Reviews are In

A must-read standout in a crowded field of books on food and health. With this book you get more than just the facts you need to regain and maintain an optimized condition of health. What you will understand is the fundamental truth that lies at the core of existence you create your own reality, inside and out. Take this trip with Toni and she will lead you into the realization that our planet's environmental crisis is a reflection of our own environmental crisis we are not separate things. This alone is reason enough to read this book.

–Thomas Campbell
physicist, author of My Big TOE

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A fabulously written book that provides everything we need to know to significantly improve our health. From my own experience and studies, I can testify that the information in this book is accurate, well researched, and extremely significant. It provides numerous missing links that are much needed in the Western World today. If everyone in America followed the suggestions in this book, the American people would once again become the healthiest people on Earth.

–Rich Anderson N.D.
Author of Cleanse & Purify Thyself

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A captivating and inspiring book into why we must make wiser food choices. Toni has masterfully painted colorful images to help us better understand what creates health and a state of wellbeing for ourselves as well as our planet at large. The wisdom you'll find contained within these many pages took her decades to attain. In following her guidance, you may save your life, the life of someone you love, and the life of our planet. I have dined at Toni's Table and can personally verify that the food she serves is delectably satisfying and will nourish both your body and soul. Thanks, Toni, for putting it all together.

–Michael Ryce, N.D.
Author of Why Is This
Happening To Me...AGAIN?!

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An interesting and provocative work for those who are constantly striving to find the secrets of health. EcoDiet provides us with those secrets and more importantly, provides us with a plan that will assist us in achieving it. I've read hundreds and hundreds of books on health and nutrition and recommend Dr. Colin Campbell's book, The China Study to all of my patients. Now we have EcoDiet, which is the next step for those of us who want to integrate these healthy concepts into our day-to-day understanding and routine.

–Dave Carpenter, N.D.
Author of Change Your Water,
Change Your Life

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